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Dec 30, 2010

How to check if particular Virtual Server exists?

Hi folks,



I'm new to iControl, and I'm struggling to have few simple tasks accomplished via java:


1. check if particular Virtual Server exists


2. create new Virtual Server


3. Set basic properties



I've found an article ( which prob covers some basic stuff, but I'm still not sure how to check whether the vserver exists. Is there a wrapper class similar to Pool or PoolMember?



Any help is appreciated.


Thank you, Roman

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  • Roman: I'd just to a get_list(), check for the VS. If it exists, pass. Else, create().


  • Hi Matt,



    Thanks for replying. I'll try it and let you know ... I can't believe it's that simple




  • Hi Matt,



    That worked fine, thanks. One last question though a bit off topic: do I need the def pool w members created prior to creating a virtual server? In other words, is this a correct sequence: create f5 pool -> create members -> create virtual server and set def pool along with other params (address, port, protocol, etc) ?



    Thank you,




  • That's actually a really good question, and the answer reveals quite a bit about how BigIP is setup. In short, no, you don't need to have a default pool setup. A Virtual Server is an object that you can assign a bunch of optional behaviors and attributes to - a pool is among them. From an iControl perspective, you'll probably need to specify that there's no default pool though - it doesn't handle default settings like the CLI or GUI does (which is a shame in my opinion).



  • Got it, thanks. I think I'll be better off creating a pool w members first. Otherwise, vserver would pretty much render itself useless.