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Dec 02, 2021

How Common is F5 LTM to Nginx Plus migration

Hello Group,


This might sound like a silly question. But as I am working on a lifecycle project and trying to decide right replacement appliance for my LTM deploy. I was asked by my manager about NGINX. Are enterprises moving to NGINX from hardware appliances? or BIG IP in general? What are your reasons to migrate? and if you are not migrating what are some reasons for that?



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  • Hi ,


    this is my personal opinion, not a knowledge base article.

    In case you are using LTM only and you are not using any particular feature that doesn't exist in NGINX Plus (for example Hardware SSL offload, iRules, Advanced routing or SIP support), I think migrating form BIG-IP to NGINX Plus is an option you might want to consider.




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    Thank you, we do use SSL offload and iRules. I know ssl in hardware will not be 1:1 on nginx. For iRules I think I saw there is a replacement.


    The big intention here was to poll the community to see if this is even a common thing. I am glad I saw one response. Hopefully few more will.