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Jun 14, 2011

Host Headers

Hi There - can someone tell me does the F5 recognize host headers? Sounds like a fairly basic question I know but I am having trouble trying to get my head around this. If I have a bunch of websites and I want them load balanced across two servers and these web sites recognize host headers do I then need to set up an iRule to distinguish from one web site to the next? Thanks in anticipation.


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    In your case I don't think you need to setup an iRule for this. The f5 can interogate host headers, e.g. in an iRule, but in this instance the web server itself will make the distinctions. You could, if you want, setup an iRule so the f5 sees the host header and then load balances to a particular member(s) within a pool. However, if both web servers are identical and can resolve all host headers then this shouldn't be needed.