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May 03, 2011

historical connection reports




I would like know how to get historical connection reports for pool member.



If we take example like below,its give current connection report of the pool.



[root@F5:Active] ~ b pool pool_sso_23389 |grep conn POOL pool_essostgldap_23389 LB METHOD member least conn MIN/CUR ACTIVE MEMBERS: 0/2 | conns (cur, max, limit, tot) = (7, 103, 0, 2.576M) | | conns (cur, max, limit, tot) = (6, 51, 0, 1.347M) | conns (cur, max, limit, tot) = (1, 52, 0, 1.229M)



This connection ,i need historical data same with time period wize[like take every 30 min]






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  • Hi Srinivas,



    Currently, LTM does not log this type of historical data locally. You could look at Enterprise Manager for a non-free solution. Or others have had success with Cacti. For more info on EM, you can check Try searching the forums here for details on Cacti.



  • Hi Aron,



    I belive there should be option with Cron script or SNMP .i have raised case with F5 waiting for update.



    if any body have option,please replay.