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Jan 31, 2019

herculon F5 features support

I'm evaluating F5 DDoS herculon against following features:-


a. 1,000,000 BGP routes per peer. (is solution BGP aware)


b. How does it scale for traffic at ISP core visibility being an in-line ONLY solution?


c. Does it have IoT botnet detection?


d. Does F5 have multi-tenancy support or a portal.


e. Is F5 detection based upon netflows, bgp , what are sources of detection?


f. How is redundancy achieved for on-permise solution?


g. Latency in detection and mitigation e.g minutes , seconds


h. As DDoS countermeasure does it include DNS authentication or syn authentication or capatcha?


i. Is product CC/ NSS evaluated and certified?


k. Is herculon keeping "stateful" for detection and mitigation? If yes, what impact it has on performance in case long duration-large volume DDoS attack?


l. Does herculon do "profiling and behavioral analysis"




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