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May 17, 2018

Help in understanding working of IP forwarding virtual server


Please find the attached screenshot of IP forwarding virtual server configuration. Need help in understanding the working of this.


My understanding: All IPs' belonging to VLAN 2602 would be translated to any of the self IP(float or self) in same subnet as in the default route. Correct me if wrong.


Should source address translation be none? what if it is auto?


Can we have two IP forwarding virtual server with different VLANs tagged?


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  • VLAN 2602 is the VLAN that the virtual server listens on, so will only process traffic that ingresses on this VLAN.


    The wildcard destination address ( means all IP addresses will be processed, it is the same as having '*' as your IP. So IP address will match, as will The IP address will be forwarded with its destination address unchanged.


    Source address Translation does exactly that.. translates the source IP address. Auto-map will NAT your source address to that of the self IP of the egress interface


    You cannot have more than one wildcard IP forwarding VS ( on all VLANS, but you can have more than one if the VLAN assignment is unique.


    Hope this helps


  • Forwarding (IP): Specifies a virtual server like other virtual servers, except that the virtual server has no pool members to load balance. The virtual server simply forwards the packet directly to the destination IP address specified in the client request.


    You can have multiple IP forwarding virtual servers with different route domains.