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Jan 18, 2011

HealthCheck which persists cookies

Hi Folks,



I have a monitor as follows:



monitor Application_HTTPS {


defaults from https


interval 3


recv "F5 Health Check"


send "GET /f5check HTTP/1.0\r\n"





The recv value (the Page Title) is generated by ColdFusion using an SQL Query to extract the text "F5 Health Check" from a table and so my health check reliably tests the Application end to end including it's ability to communicate with the SQL Server.



The issue is that for every connection which is made new cookies are issued by the application. These cookies are stored in a ColdFusion table on the SQL Server. After running for several hours the tables becomes incredibly large which substantially slows down the application response time.



I am looking for a way to persist the cookie supplied in the first response to subsequent healthchecks so that the F5 will present back the cookie it has been supplied with. In the event that the cookie changes the F5 would begin persisting that cookie.



Is their anyway which this can be done?










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  • The "Super HTTP Monitor" appears to have the capabilities for which you're looking. I'm unfortunately not familiar enough with it to make any recommendations.





    You should be able to specify a cookie header as part of your send string. That would be nice and simple but if you want the value of the cookie to be what you received in the previous response, that Super HTTP Monitor might be the way to go.



    Otherwise, can you simply specify an arbitrary cookie value and still get proper results?