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Jun 25, 2018

HA GSLB between 2 DC don't work

I have an eviroment of gslb with 2 DC, each datacenter have a F5 DNS and two LTM, we have only one wide ip, the test that we are making is trying to resolve with the dns2 if we make this test is redirect to ltm2, and if we turn off the ltm2 make the redirection to ltm1. But if we make the same test on dns1 first it send the client to ltm1, but if we turn off the ltm1 don't make the redirection to ltm2.


On Wide IP i have both pools dc1 and dc2 i have the topology lb method , then in each pool i have both ltm1 and ltm2 depdnding on the zone i change the order, on the pool i have topology, global availability and none lb methods.


the topology rules are the next:


IP Pool is DC2 IP Pool is DC1


Are the topology rules ok? i don't know why is not working


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  • Hi Efrain,


    -Do the DNS1, LTM1, LTM2 are all different BIG-IP appliance/system? -Were the LTMs marked available(green) in GSLB Server List in DNS1 (means you did the bigip_add command)? If so, for isolation, did you already tried to make just 1 pool instead with the LTMs as devices/pool members with the same load balancing methods?


    Just a suggestion. :)