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Jan 10, 2012

HA Config Sync manually



why it is Manual , is there any benefit from having it manual not automatic ?




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  • If you for example change config on the active and muck up big time (since F5 doesnt have any commit function, all you do in the gui (and cli) is activated once you click the update-button) you could then just login to the passive unit and tell it to sync its configuration to the active unit (so the active unit gets back a working config).



    If this would autosync you wouldnt be able to have this "oops-feature" (unless you each time create a new archive before you do any changes - but reading back an archive I think involves a reboot of the F5 aswell if Im not mistaken compared to the sync option which doesnt need a reboot of the F5 units involved).
  • What mikand said. Plus, people make many changes at once which could cause config thrashing if you sync'd after each change.



    However, if you want to automate a sync, it is pretty common for people to write a cronjob that points to a script which checks the datestamp of the file and launches a sync/backup. Logic depends on what your requirements are.



    Re: restoring a config from an archive ucs:


    A reboot is not necessary.



    We have an RFE for the commit feature:



    Bug 359640 - provide version control for the configuration



    So if you think that is an important feature, please submit a case and have it attached to the case. of cases attached to RFEs helps us determine the demand/importance of a feature.



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    We also very often see people perform upgrades this way. They upgrade the failover unit, test, fail-over, then upgrade the "primary" unit (which is now the failover, I suppose...).



    Autosync is great in theory, if everything goes 100% according to plan and you have no need to ever have things behave differently on the two systems but in reality there are many solid use cases where that is beneficial and/or will save your bacon.