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Sep 03, 2023

GTM with Email Gateway

Hello everyone,

I tried configuring a GTM to resolve the MX records for an Email GW, I am confused about the correct configuration.
I have configured the Email-GW (Generic Host) with its private IP as a Server, including two VS with the two ISP IP addresses translating to the private IP of the email gateway. My question is; which port /service should I use here? SMTP or Https or others??

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  • Hello,

    If you are monitoring an email gateway, and considering to make MX resolution on the GTM, so you can check the SMTP port since you are expecting to receive emails through your public IPs.

    so for example, if you are having two public IPs, and working with the email gateway as active/active setup, you will need to keep monitoring the smtp port on both email gateways, and based on the availability and health check, GTM will respond with the correct public IP from the GTM.

    Also, if the the email gateways are not behind a LTM device, you will need to create them as generic host as you mentioned. And as Kansoh mentioned, you can also provide us with additional informaiton so we can discuss it further.


    Mohamed Salah