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Dec 07, 2016

GTM Sync and a Sync-Failover Group

I have two data centers, and each of them have two BIG-IP devices. In data center A, they are in a active/standby group running AFM. In data center B, those two are also in an active/standby group running AFM as well. These devices are in-line from the Internet to the data center at both data centers.


I am also going turn on GTM on each cluster in both data centers.


My question is around syncing GTM information, but not syncing AFM policies. As expected, each data center has AFM policies that are specific to that data center. So, if I do gtm_add and join the GTMs to a GTM-sync-group, will the two separate clusters keep their data center specific AFM policies?


I basically need to keep the two clusters separate from each other, but still allow GTM to remain in sync. Will this work as I expect it to? I just don't want to inadvertently overwrite data center A's AFM policies with data center B's. That would be bad.




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  • I have done similar implementation but with LTM+GTM module on the same box. GTM sync group will not cause the LTM module to have the same configuration. Based on this, I would say you should be fine with using AFM+GTM without synchronizing the AFM configuration across DC.