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Feb 19, 2012

GTM Questions





One GTM , 2 Datacnetres , GTM is offiste ( away from both data centers ) , each DC has one webserevr ( serving the same function)...... This is what i need to load balance to Using GTM






on GTM i will define 2 Datacneters , inside each DC i will define one server (webserver), the question is :


is it mandatory that i define GTM itself as server on itself even if there are no other GTMs , Why ?






Regarding links Defenition , one DC has 1 ISP Link ( on external router ) & the other DC has 2 ISP Links( on external router ) , the question is :




Q2-1 : does this means that on GTM i will define 1 Link for first DC & 2 Links for second DC ?


Q2-2: what is the benefit of Links defenition ? does GTM use Links of DC to reach the DC or what ?


Q2-3: is it mandatory to define Links for each DC , Can i bypass this step ?








Under GTM Tab i defined a sever & Virtual server under it , but i couldnot find them created under Pool Tab , i read at GTM Docs that Virtual server is a pool member , so i expected that when i define Virtual Server i will find it Auto created under Pools ?





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    Adding another question :



    Also admin Guide mentions that :


    " Before you define a Global Traffic Manager, you must first specify the data center in which it resides. This step is important because all network components that the system manages must belong to a data center."



    Question4: What if my GTM is offsite away from Both Datacenters & my target is to Load balance to /Monitor servers at each datacenter , how can I define the Dc it resides in such scenario ?


  • Put GTM and your LTMs in their own datacenters. Links are not mandatory, but can be useful. By creating a link and associating with a virtual server, you can monitor the availability of ISP uplinks and when they fail, the GTM will not hand out that address as a result of a failure upriver from you rather than a failure within your own infrastructure.