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Aug 15, 2017

GTM monitoring external IPs

Hi all,


I have the following situation:


Two GTMs in two separate locations working together for GSLB for external application access. Thus both have pool members in each site (through the given LTMs).


My question: Is there a way for the GTMs to not inherit the status of their pool members from the status of the given VIPs on the LTMs? The addresses of the pool members on the GTMs are external addresses that are being NATed to the ones of the LTM VIPs. The problem is that when we lose the WAN connectivity between the two sites, the status of the pool members also goes down because the iQuery between the modules would fail, even though the applications themselves are still accessible in each site. We want to avoid that by monitoring just the external IPs (pre-NAT-ed, as they are on the GTM pool members), rather than the internal ones (post-NAT-ed, as they are on the LTM VIPs).


Thank you in advance


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