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Nov 11, 2011

GTM iRules not logging

I'm seeing some odd behavior on two GTM devices. I have the following iRule that I'm using to troubleshoot:

    log local0. "(Request) Client: [IP::client_addr] - Request: [DNS::rrname] - Type: [DNS::rrtype]"
    log local0. "(Balanced) Server: [LB::server]"
when LB_FAILED {
    log local0. "(Failure) Failed to balance"
But the rule is not being processed on requests to the wide-ip it has been assigned to, even when the wide-ip is resolved explicitly against the GTM listener address.

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  • Hi,



    how do you know the iRule is not beeing processed? Did you check /var/log/ltm for the log messages (iRule log messages go there)?





    Kurt Knochner
  • Hi Kurt, the rules aren't producing output in any logfile under /var/log, hence what lead me to believe that the rules were not working.



    I've updated the rule to also log on a RULE_INIT event, which does generate a log event, however the other event types are not being matched.


  • O.K. I'm using similar iRules on GTM and they do log into /var/log/ltm.



    can you please:



    1.) tell me the TMOS version of your GTM ("b version")


    2.) post the wide ip configuration, containing the iRule (/config/gtm/wideip.conf)





    Kurt Knochner
  • Hi Kurt,



    the problem turned out to be due to the listeners on which the iRules were applied not being in the same route domain as the incoming request, hence they were never being triggered.