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Apr 12, 2021

GTM Hardware Refresh

Hi Folks,


We have two GTMs located in our two DCs. We need to carry out a hardware refresh of these boxes. Do we have any KB article/link which outlines the best practice for the same ? I am doing this for the first time and hence looking for assistance.


Even if there's no article, videos etc. I am sure many of you would have already done this. If anyone could list out the steps along with some reference it would be really helpful.


Thanks in advance

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  • (Face palm! Can't believe I missed that!) Your migration path and associated activities are dependent upon the device/software version you are migration from (the source) and the device/software version you are migrating to (the target). BIG-IP GTM (a.k.a. BIG-IP DNS) does have special preparation and configuration activities. I suggest checking with your F5 Sales or Support representative to see if your hardware refresh purchase includes platform migration support from F5 Professional Services.


    You can also try this manual chapter which provides a general approach as well as specific preparation and configuration activities for BIG-IP DNS (formerly BIG-IP GTM): Migration of Devices Running Different Version Software





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      Thanks ! This does help, however, I am looking for assistance with hardware upgrades.. Do we have any article that shows how to copy the config from the existing boxes to the new one ? Do we have any set of guide / best practice to follow while migrating from an old box to new one..


      It's more of a fresh config for new boxes.. Any help/leads would be really appreciated !

  • Thanks ! Let me check with support (don't think we have professional services but would double check)..