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Nov 24, 2021

Gtm get all Server and Virtual Server

I want to get all the virtual servers on a BIGIP GTM device and their servers

At present, it is realized by obtaining all servers on the device first and then iteratively obtaining virtual server, but its efficiency is very low. Is there a better solution?

# python

server_items = read_servers()  # /mgmt/tm/gtm/server; After processed.
for server_item in server_items:
  for server_item in server_items:
    server_name = server_item["name"] 
    vs_items = read_vs_in_server()  # /mgmt/tm/gtm/server/{server_name}/virtual-servers
    # ... Other codes

It obtains all the servers on the device through REST, and then obtains the virtual server from the server, but it is very slow when the amount of data on the device is large. Is there a better way?

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