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Jul 15, 2020

Get user's group name from Azure AD to assign resources in APM

Hello Guys:


Please, is there any way to get the name of the group or groups that a user belongs to in Azure AD (AAD)? By using APM Advanced Resource Assign, I am trying to give resources based on the group that the user belongs to in Azure AD, but I have realised that the Azure AD does not give me the memberOf parameter or something like that. I am deploying F5 APM + AAD based on OAuth for the authentication phase.





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  • Any answers on how to pull Azure AD group membership into the f5 apm access policy would be great....... since there are none currently.


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      you do this on the Azure AD side, there you say which attributes you want to send with the SAML assertion you can also chose their name.


      to see the actual content you have to look at the APM session variables.

  • Hi Jorge, Have you resolved this? I am in this sort of fix too but with SAML.

    Did you get this to work?