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May 30, 2003

Functionality differences between 4.2 and 4.5

I noticed a number of differences in the 4.2 vs. 4.5 implementations. Specifcally Monitor2.


How do I find out what is/isn't in the 4.2 version of the BigIP software?

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    Yes, there are lots of differences from 4.2 to 4.5, iControl functionality being one of the many changes. A good place to start is in the SDK documentation, which lists new interfaces/methods for the SDK release, as compared to the previous release. For product features, please reference the product release notes.



    Specifically, Monitor2 is a redesigned interface that allows you to more efficiently work with monitor templates, associations, and instances. Functionally, Monitor2 exposes the methods the same way that you would work with monitors via Bigpipe or the GUI, so that all 3 interfaces will be more consistent.
  • Call me dense, but I don't see it actually anywhere in the docs.



    Where is the list you're refering to? I'm looking through the top level html files


    with the navigation applet on the left...
  • Hmmm. So, when I go to the download center, I only get the option to download


    iControl 4.5. How do I obtain 4.2? Now I understand why I sound so confused...
  • Excellent. It never even occurred to me that 4.5 iControl and 4.5 BigIP might be related. :oops: Guess that version 2.1 threw me off.



    OK, once I can get my hands on that, I'll grab it.



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    Perhaps I'm missing something here.



    What are you specifically looking for ? A given SDK documentation (SDK 4.2 in your case) is applicable for a specific release of BIG-IP. Therefore, all interfaces/methods described in the SDK documentation should be available for that release.



    I don't quite understand what you mean by "to try and fail on a 4.2 box" ? Please advise.
  • OK, I'm not dense. Yippie! :lol:



    Anyway, obviously this is very painful, since I have no way to find out but to try and fail


    on a 4.2 box, which is extremely time consuming...
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    Ahhh.... now I understand why you sound so confused as well ... :-)



    We'll try to put the other SDK versions so that people can download the appropriate versions for their products.
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    No, you're not dense. :-)



    You're in the right place. In the navigation applet on the left, click on Release Documentation->Release Notes. It should list out what interfaces are new or have been enhanced. I just looked, and it doesn't list out the new methods like I've said though.