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Jul 10, 2015

FQDN node regression 11.6.0-HF5 ?

I'm using FQDN nodes in my AWS F5 VEs

After upgrading to 11.6.0-HF5 the FQDN resolution/instantiation doesn't work any more.

The ephemeral nodes are not created, and the availability of the node remains "

Unknown (Enabled) - Querying DNS resolver is enabled, but result is not available yet

Of course the DNS resolution is working (I can 'dig' any hostname from ssh)

Here is my test case:

tmsh create ltm node my_test_google_fqdn fqdn { autopopulate enabled down-interval 2 interval 15 name }

In 11.6.0-HF4 it works as expected, and generates this nodes:

In 11.6.0-HF5 it generates this list:

Do you know something that changed in HF5 ?

Maybe in HF5 there is some configuration missing that was previously optional.

Thanks for any pointers.


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  • Hi Angelo, I was able to replicate the problem using the steps you provided. Thank you for the excellent problem report. We are looking into it in F5 Support.
  • This is indeed broken in 11.6.0-HF5 and is not specific to the Amazon VE. The official F5 documentation for the issue will be posted as an AskF5 Solution but is not available yet.


    If you require a fix, please open a support case and reference bug ID530431.


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      We have resolved the issue in an Engineering Hotfix. We have scheduled the fix to go out in the next 11.6.0 Hotfix Rollup. If you are able to open a support case, please ask for an engineering hotfix for bug ID530431. If you are not able to open a support case, please send me a private message with your email address so that I can send you the fix.
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      I cannot open a support case, it says it cannot find my e-mail address. How do I contact you in private?
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      Hi sir, please also send me the engineering hotfix for this issue. Thank you!