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Feb 02, 2012

Firepass with Firefox version 9/10

I think this is related to the issue mentioned at:



We are experiencing it on our Firepass (v7 with latest hotfixes). Some (not all) of our users with Firefox versions 9 and 10 find the browser window does not automatically minimize and crashes after a minute. Any combination of uninstalling and reinstalling both the Firepass plugins (using the troubleshooting util) and Firefox has not helped so far.



Is anyone else experiencing this and knows of a solution? I'm a bit concerned F5 aren't even aware of it since the link above shows they don't think it affects Firepass.



I could turn off the admin setting to minimize the window but that will then affect and confuse the majority of our users who are using other browsers and don't have a problem.


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  • They aren't, I would create a support case. The latest support Firefox version is 8.0. I would also urge that you move users off of Firefox as no vendor I'm aware can support the version upgrade process that they are doing. It plain and simple happens too often and the changes impact everything in the browser.