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Dec 29, 2011

Firepass Active X for IE9

I'm trying to use Remote Terminal to connect to my work computer with Windows 7 running IE9 64-bit, and it will not install the browser addons.




I have modified my security settings to allow all Active X installation, but every time I install, it does not seem to work and the browser addons list never adds anything from F5.




What is weird is that it worked once - right after I changed the security settings, it installed without prompting and my Remote Desktop worked for a couple of hours. However, when I logged out and went to use it a few hours later, I had the same issue and could not connect.




Any suggestions?



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    Hi Sammy,



    I'm sorry you're having difficulties.



    Can you tell us what version of Firepass, complete with Hotfix ID, that you're running?



    For reference, our support pages have some information on which versions of our products support IE9: