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May 04, 2011

Finding device up or down




I am new to iControl API. I have used iControl.Interfaces(ipAddress,username,password) to connect with device.


It takes more than 3 minutes to return the response, if the device is down,




can anyone help me how to find the particular device is up or down with the less time of processing.


thanks in advance


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  • This should be a transport timeout setting. I'm not sure how to do this with this particular library, but I think that is what you're after...



  • Hey,



    can this side help you?





    bye Andreas


  • Thanks to reply guys,



    I don't want to set timer, because we can't make sure responding time of the device(server), depending upon the traffic in the network, responding time will be varying.



    So I want check wheather the device(server) is reachable or not (up or down),in the sense currently the device(server) is running or not.