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Feb 09, 2012

Failover issue

Hi guys,



Recently i ran into quite an unique problem and i can't seem to find a resolution nor article about it.



the scenario is as follow




unit 1 = active and unit = standby


redundency preference = none for both unit.



manual failover to both units are fine.



when i shutdown unit 1, unit 2 took over as active and it is fine.


when unit 1 come back up, i shutdown unit 2 and this is where the problem araise.


the failover is successful however traffic are not passing through.



i did a tcpdump capture and all i see are icmp request but no reply.


after unit 2 come back and i did a manual failover then i see icmp request and reply on the





anyone encounter this scenario before??



appreciate any input from anyone :D





2 Replies

  • is it related to mac address?


    would you mind trying mac masquerading?



    sol7214: Configuring MAC masquerading

  • have tried mac address masquerading.


    still encountering the same issue.



    Cheers for the prompt reply :D