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Dec 14, 2023

F5 vCMP guest hardware model


is there a way that we can extract the hardware model details from the vCMP guest and not by using the F5 vCMP host as we knew it.




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  • There is no way that I know of to be honest. You would need to look at the F5 vCMP host via HTTPS GUI or obtain a QKVIEW from the host and review those details.

    Of course, you could do SSH between host and guest or guest and host. Please see the following: But running a TMSH command on the vCMP guest to obtain hardware info of the host may be difficult. SOMETIMES, you can look at the license though and obtain the hardware. Remember, in a vCMP setup, the license on the host is copied to the guest. So try looking at /config/bigip.license or running command tmsh show sys license. If you see the hardware model there, then grep it out.