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Mar 01, 2012

F5 SSL to backend server issue

Hi Guys,



I'm having a hard time creating an SSL VIP here.


I'm using the virtual edition 10.1 appliance.


I'm trying to configure this scenario:



Client => SSL => F5 => SSL => Backend SharePoint server



I use a standard type Virtual server


I configured a client SSL profile with a certificate


I configured a server SSL profile with a certificate



I'm using the same certificat on the SSl server profile and the SharePoint server



I'm using IE and FireFox.


Connection is established and I get a timeout message after several seconds.



Am I missing something here.



When I use the Perfomance HTTP type (bypassing Decryption/Encryption on the F5 box) the connection works fine.



I'm not an F5 expert by the way, just a SharePoint guy playing with the F5 virtual edition. I've been using the SharePoint template and SSL offloading on the F5 box for a while without issues and now I want to go full HTTPS to backend servers.



Thanks for your help





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