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Nov 27, 2013

F5 RPC Client Access, Autodiscover design



New to working with F5 and I am just after some clarification on our setup, LTM and APM are the same device. This was done by an external consultant.


We are looking at using the device for OWA, Activesync, Outlook RPC Client Access (MAPI), Autodiscover.


What we have had setup is


1 iapp application service using BIG-IP virtual server With OWA, Outlook Anywhere, ActiveSync set to YES Autodiscover, RPC Client Access (MAPI), POP3, IMAP4 set to NO And referring to CAS (this is OWA server)


3 Virtual Servers using – Exchange 2010 using the application above – Exchange Autodiscover –using Pool (using Pool, they are our CAS / HT – Exchange Internal RPC Client Access –using Pool (using Pool, they are our CAS / HT


My query - what I am unsure about is why the Virtual Servers are on different IP unless I need to setup another iapp for Autodiscover/ RPC Client Access. OWA works fine through F5


Also for exchange my understanding to get RPC and Autodiscover is I need to configure a few steps, can someone confirm these. 1.Configure Client Access Array 2.Configure Static RPC Ports on an Exchange 2010 Client Access Servers 3.Enable SSL Offloading on the Client Access Servers.


4.Update A and SRV records to point to either or .232


Thanks in advance


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  • Hi We don't use iapp but we have the following virtual servers setup. All are on the same ip. F5-Ex2010-Template_rpc_address_book_virtual_server 60321


    F5-Ex2010-Template_rpc_mapi_virtual_server 60322


    F5-Ex2010-Template_rpc_referral_service_virtual_server 6002 F5-Ex2010-Template_rpc_virtual_server 135


    F5-Ex2010-Template_single_https_virtual_server 443 F5-Ex2010-Template_single_virtual_server 80


    Note mapi, referral and rpc address book are fixed ip set on the exchange servers Hope this helps. Cheers, Steve