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Jan 04, 2023


Hi All I have three tier architecture Web--> App---> DB. Web talks to App talks to DB and I want to implement F5 Load Balancer. each server has redundant is that possible to load balance traffic for...
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    Jan 04, 2023

    Sure thing, you just need to configure a set of Virtual Server - each one will serve requests to one of those components and can be configured to load balance the traffic to a set of real servers in you farm. 

    If those components (web, app, db) are served by the same set of reals and you need requests to persists across the components, it's also possible to (optionally) implement additional configuration that will guarantee that the same server will respond to all. 



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    Jan 04, 2023


    Of course, you can make it by configuring multiple VIPs, each one for your service (web, app, DB) and assign pool members for each VIP which represent your service.

    But make sure that each sercice when want to connect to another service will use VIP IP not real IP of server.