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Jan 11, 2022

F5 LTM Custom SNMP query not working

Hi Team,


I'm trying to configure the Custom SNMP query on my LTM to send VIP/Pool UP/Down status to the HP NNM.

I have edited the /config/user_alert.conf file as per article K3727. In article below point has been mentioned.

****The object ID is in standard object identifier (OID) format, and within the following range:

. through .****

I can able to receive the alerts only if the following OIDs are used.

 snmptrap OID="."

 snmptrap OID="."

 snmptrap OID="."

 snmptrap OID="."

if i user any OID other then this 4 alerts are not coming to the NNM. Is there any limitation to use other than this 4, or am i doing anything worngly.