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May 10, 2022

F5 LTM | IControl Resr

Hi Team,

Hope you all are doing great. 

I have one question. What is iControl Rest , and how would i know whether it is cuurently being used on F5 or not. ?



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  • If this inquiry is in relation to the CVE, know that whether or not you're using iControl REST, it's by default accessible on the system on the management interface and self IPs if port 443 is allowed. If that's the case, 1) disable self IP access immediately if not patched, 2) protect/inspect/analyze for your internal management access, and 3) patch!!

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      Hi Jrahm,

      Thanks for replying. Yeah its in relation with that only and i have upgraded all system to

      But for my knowledge i am intrested to know how i ll determine whether my F5s are using it or not. 


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        Good deal on getting patched! You can check your logs to see if anyone is taking advantage of the REST interface:

        • /var/log/restjavad-audit.0.log shows all authentications to the iControl REST service. This is an ordered list of every REST call.
        • /var/log/restjavad.0.log contains information about connections to the iControl REST service, such as errors returned.
  • Hi,

    iControl REST uses REpresentational State Transfer (REST) to interact with F5. It will help to quickly get up and running with scripts that can lighten your workload via automation, help prevent potential issues by monitoring and preventing disaster before it strikes, silently tuning your deployment to fit your application’s needs without human intervention and more. Anything that you’re able to accomplish from the command line you can leverage programmatically via iControl REST.

    You can do get information of the virtual <vs>

    curl -sku admin:admin https://<host>/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/<vs>

    Get stats of the virtual

    curl -sku admin:admin https://<host>/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/<vs>/stats

    And many more. Please refer the link - for more details.