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Sep 10, 2015

f5-lbaasv-1.0.10 agent configuration to test single tenant f5 lbaas with openstack

I am trying F5 LBaaSv1 VERSION 1.0.10 driver and agent to provision the pool,vip and pool member into bigip ltm 11.6 VE launched as openstack vm. Here are below steps i have followed.

1. launched bigip ltm vm with 3 interfaces.
2. interface eth0 is management interface .

3. I performed below steps from UI of bigip vm and datapath work for lbaas.
    3.1.SNAT Creation

         SNAT is created with following configuration.
      Translation                             Automap
      Origin                                   All Ipv4 addresses
      VLAN / Tunnel Traffic                     ALL

    3.2. Created 2 vlan Untagged tunnel.

    Internal  :  Interface 1.1(eth1) with ip is for internal   network(network b/w   pool member and bigip vm)

   External :    Interface 1.2(eth2) is with ip  for vip (external network)

    3.3 Created 2 selfip
      selfip  created for internal tunnel
      selfip  created for external tunnel

    3.4. Created virtual server with destination ip

    3.5. Created pool and added 2 pool member (,

    3.6.  Launched vm on network address and sent curl request to vip and datapath work.

    Now i want to provision above steps with f5-oslbaas-agent,agent run with  f5-oslbaasv1-agent.ini,That has many configurable options,which are the option i need to fill to test single tanant f5lbaas.Any thoughts on this??
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