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May 05, 2022

F5 Helper app for APM client check, f5epi_setup.exe, distribution to device by MS Intune


We use BIG-IP APM to check some registries and other infomration on devices. We have been used IE to access, but IE support will be ended in July 2022, We plan to migrate using browser from IE to MS Edge.

With our new devices, it is managed MS Intune. In order to use MS Edge with APM, we need to install F5 Helper App, f5epi_setup.exe. However,  users does not have admin right on the device, so users cannot install it when they access. because the installation requires Admin right.  We need to distribute it to install from MS intune.

We tried to distribute and install f5epi_setup.exe from MS Intune, but it does not work, so based on the following article.
We exctracted and tried to install as "cabinstaller.exe /s".

However, the installation from Intune does not proceed. 

Do you have any advice for this?

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      Hi Dario

      Thank you very much for this info. I did not know I can get msi installer from BIG-IP web. MSI is usuful for Intune distribution. I will try with this.