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We know that cybersecurity is more than products and tools, it's about the people behind the scenes helping to keep applications safe. To that end, DevCentral is excited to highlight people who work in security for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 

Maitreyee Palkar from the F5 Threat Intelligence team shares her work, how she got started in security, and more in this interview. 


DevCentral: To start, tell us a little a little about yourself, what you do at F5 and why it is important.

I am part of the Threat Intelligence team within the Security orginization. Our team looks at worldwide events and cyber threat activity, searching for threats to the F5 enterprise and F5 customers. The work involves a lot of analysis and evaluation of any information we find. The team is also involved in digital forensics and conducts investigations when something goes wrong.


DevCentral: How did you get started working in cybersecurity? What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone who wants to do what you do?

I started my education as a Computer Engineer, and enjoyed it, but did not want to work in it full-time. It was at this time that I discovered the field of Security. It was perfect, allowing me to flex my analytical, engineering muscles while also allowing for my creative side in thinking outside the box.

There are a lot of different aspects within the over-arching "Security" banner, that are not really obvious at first. For anyone who is interested in entering the field, there is certainly something here that you can love doing.


DevCentral: Tell us a story about the most weirdest, scariest or funniest thing that’s happened while you’ve worked in security. 

In this past year, the team has done interesting work in assessing threats posed by the Russia-Ukraine war. Prior to the war, F5 had employees and offices in both Russia and Ukraine. Once the invasion started, the Threat Intelligence team was involved in regularly assessing the situation and providing recommendations for ensuring the security of the F5 enterprise. As the war continues, with international cyber threat activity occurring, the team continues to monitor and assess for any additional threats to F5 or our customers.


DevCentral: What’s your take on security certifications? If you have any, which ones have been most helpful in your field? If not, why not?

I do have multiple Security certifications. For me, having them means I can prove that I have the required knowledge, and it gives me a boost in confidence knowing I can do this or that new thing that I am trying. However, anyone that has extensive practical experience does not necessarily need a certification. They are more important in Digital Forensics since the training is important to prove if a case evolves into a bigger issue. What certifications someone should get depends on what they are working on and how much experience they have.


DevCentral: What does Cybersecurity Awareness Month mean to you? How do you help protect your loved ones from threats online?

Well, this is really more of an ongoing effort for me. I try to make sure my loved ones know to not click on suspicious looking links or provide information on suspicious calls or emails. I regularly remind them to make sure they keep their devices up to date and change their passwords, hopefully not reusing them. I also encourage minimal sharing of personal details on social media, especially when travelling I suggest the pictures can be uploaded upon return instead of right away.

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Updated Oct 12, 2022
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