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Aug 21, 2023

F5 HA Sync's Objects

I'm wrapping up an F5 migration from between Data Centers where I split the HA pair and we ran a single physical F5 at the old DC and the other physical F5 at the new DC.

Note: These are vCMP guests runninng on standalong host appliances.

While we we have been in transition between old DC and new DC there have been several independent changes on each standalone vCMP guest. We are just about at place where the F5 appliance at the new DC has the master config we want and I'm debating on the below two options to get them back in sync as an HA pair.

Option 1:
Take the master F5 at the new DC and just sync to the traffic group after re-joining the two vCMP guests back to the traffic group, and then pull that config to the device at the old DC. I'm having a tough time finding documentation that lists which objects will sync. My goal is to take the F5 at the new DC and use this master config to completely overwrite everything from VIPs, Pools, pool members, iRules, SSL certificates, etc to the F5 I'm bringing over from the old DC, but not sure if I will get conflicts or partial configs merging together.

Option 2:
Delete the vCMP config from the F5 at the old DC and then manually rebuild/rejoin it to HA with the F5 at the new DC and then sync the master F5 to the one I bring over from the old DC, but I'm wondering if this is more work than necessary.

Wondering if anyone has experience with this use case and can provide feedback on their method/experience.