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Dec 03, 2011

F5 HA Serial Cable

is the HA serial cable a normal console cable ( i Rxed with the Box 2 serial cables one named Console & one named Failover , can i swap them ) ?



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    Afraid not!



    Quote from f5 "Important: The failover cable is used to physically connect the units in a redundant pair for hard-wired failover purposes. The serial cable is used for terminal connections to the serial port on F5 products. The two cables are not interchangeable."



  • Hello there,



    We have two F5 boxes for HA. The two boxes are far apart the serial HA cable is not long enough.



    Can we use UTP cables for HA instead of the Serial Cables?





  • Yes , UTP Cables are mandatory . Serial Cables are additional Option .


    UTP Cables can provide let's the 2 boxes sense each others + provides Config Sync


    Serial Cable is Juts Voltage sense ( let's the 2 boxes sense each others )