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Feb 12, 2024

F5 GTM GSLB replacement

Hello Guys! Would like to get some answers on my project. I will create a new f5 gtm that will replace the faulty/inconsistent gtm. I would like to test the new f5 gtm first by having only one wide...
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    Feb 12, 2024


    You could configure your new GTM as a stand-alone and test one wide IP.
    If you feel confident you could add the new GTM with the gtm_add command. This will add the new gtm to the sync group and remove your test wide IP, replacing it with the configuration of the sync group.

    All the steps in the article are done on an exciting GTM in the sync group, gtm_add is run on your replacement. You only need to create a listener on the new GTM and adjust the named configuration.