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Dec 16, 2011

F5 Cache Lad Balancing



Which F5 device can Load balance to Caches ( Like Transparent Cache Switching at Foundary ServerIron )


Also Which F5 product can work as a Cache ?




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    LTM could do that... It will LB pretty much anything, and has a RAMCache as well.







  • So if i want to study it , what Chapter from LTM Guide should i study


    i know all Topics of Server Load Balancing ( profiles , Irules , Natting , VS , Pools , Load balancing Methods ...... )

    is there something Special for Cache load balancing ?



  • You can use a CARP implementation to load balance proxies:



    sol11362: Overview of the CARP hash algorithm




    Also, you could talk with your F5 partner or SE about potentially using WAM as a forward proxy. RAM cache won't work very well for caching of arbitrary destination web sites.