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Jul 09, 2020

F5 BigIP VIP listening on port 443 load balancing to IPs on different ports

On the F5, we have a VIP setup listening on port 443 . it's setup to load balance on IPs listening on two different ports. However when we call the VIP, we get a connection refused. We ran some traces and we see that instead of making calls on each of the ports, its calling on 443. We think we are missing port translation from 443 to the other ports.


Here is a scenario we are testing VIP on port 443 is load balancing on port 2121 and port 2323 So when we call instead of calling on port 2121 or 2323, it calls on port 443 instead


Can someone help figure what we may be missing in the F5 VIP setup to get this to work?

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  • Hello.

    Check if you have these options enabled in your VS configuration.

    # tmsh list ltm virtual VS-INTWEB_443 translate-address translate-port
    ltm virtual VS-INTWEB_443 {
      translate-address enabled
      translate-port enabled



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    Thank you for this feedback . we'll check on these settings. Where would we find these options on the F5 or is this an iRule?

    • You can access the same options from the GUI.


      >> Local Traffic > Virtual Servers > {Select VS} > Configuration [Advanced]

      Address Translation - Enabled

      Port Translation - Enabled