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Jan 11, 2023

F5 BigIP 10200S HDD failed


We have BigIP 10200S model running (F5 BIG-IP 12.0.0)  in LAB and i have noticed its showing one missing HDD (assuming it failed)  

# tmsh show sys raid array

Sys::Raid::Array: MD1
Size (MB)  931.5K

Bay ID  Serial Number    Name  Array Member  Array Status
2       WD-WX71E23FNA65  HD1   yes           ok

We don't have support on F5 so can i just by any 1TB WD HDD and replace here? or Does F5 is very specific to just have F5 provided HDD? 

I read in F5 website that first you have to remove existing HDD using serial number but in my case i can't see HDD. I believe i can read serial number physically on HDD and remove from array. 




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  • Hi,

    If you don´t have support, try to change the HDD and re-install the system operating using a USB with the TMOS 12.0.0, I think it gonna work with any disk brand, in the end the device is like a computer.