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Sep 16, 2022

F5 BIG-IP ASM customized error pages

Hello all, 

I would like to ask people who knows if possle to have ASM error pages such as Captcha, access denied, etc., to have them customized and translated and show appropriate language by GeoIP or browser defined language settings?

I currently have them customized, but all translations are in same page which now became ugly with 5 languages.

Thank you in advance! 

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  • Hi pstoianov,

    for ASM blocking pages this should be fairly easy. Take a look at this solutio article.
    K22017023: Configuring a custom Blocking Response Page using an iRule 
    The iRule only needs to be adjusted with a condition to match the Geo Location, the localized text can be stored in a datagroup.

    For captcha challenges I am not quite sure at the moment. Looks like they are stored in the ASM db but cannot be localized via iRule.

    Hope I could help a tiny bit.


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      Agreed with Daniel here specifically about the error pages. If targeting both...It's probably a lot more complicated than it's worth, but you could set up a vip->vip solution where the front vip manages the geolocation and the back vips have custom policies so each can have it's own error/captcha experience.

      On the iRule side, the docs say that DOSL7::profile is read only, but if you could set it, that would be handy to swap out as needed for geolocation specific responses.

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        Thanks! Don't you think that VIP->VIP, would cause any sort of loops? I have never tried VIP pointing to another VIP.

        Probably this scenario is might solve the issue as the languages are growing but some regions people just don't know without Google translate what's going on with this pages...