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Apr 11, 2024

F5 APM Syslog-NG parser

Hello everybody,

I use the VPN big-ip Edge client F5 and I would like to generate a log with all theses session variables "session.ldap.last.attr.userPrincipalName + session.check_machinecert.last.cert.subject + session.assigned.clientip".

My problem is that the "session.assigned.clientip" isn't populate in the session variable so I can't use a log message to make a custom log with all of theses values.

So my question is , is it possible to parse theses logs with syslog-ng and concatenate all the syslog trame with the session ID ? and forward the log concatenated to an another syslog instance  ? 


Don't know if my question is very undertandable ?





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