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Jul 01, 2024

F5 APM / Connection to Provider via explicit proxy

Hi guys,

we need to configure the APM module to use authentication provider (Okta, AzureAD). Because the f5 is not an edge device, we have to use an explitzit proxy for the connection of the f5 APM module to the public clouds.

Any ideas how to configure it?

During the federation configuration and the VE policy I don't see any possbility. The proxy db variable does not work for this kind of traffic. A layered VIP does not connect with an "HTTP connect" to the pool member which could be an explicit proxy.....


Thank you

2 Replies

  • Not sure it will work or not, but have you tried configuring forward proxy at system level using DB value?

    Another option would be, configure necessary static route on F5 to forward the traffic to Okta cloud servers to go to the internet and allow the necessary ports on EDGE FW to bypass the proxy.

  • No, unfortunately  the proxy db variables do not work for this scenario.


    Yes, the last option will be to open the firewalls directly, but we would prefer to use a proxy