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Jul 27, 2011

F5 and Silverlight

Not quite sure what the issue might be.



I have a customer that is using Microsoft Silverlight to pull up maps. I created a VIP for them and everything works except for the FQDN.






works fine. User logs in and maps comes up


works fine as well. User can log in with no issues but maps don't come up.



Using IE7 when logging in with FQDN occasionally puts out a Selectpin[object error]



Any ideas why the FQDN would not work.







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    Hi Shawn, to clarify-they are accessing all 3 URLs through the VIP, but only the FQDN is having the issue? Does it still happen if they use a host entry for the FQDN to circumvent the VIP and go directly to the server?



    If this is a SharePoint site, do they have an alternate access mapping for the FQDN?



  • Hi Mike,



    This is not a sharepoint site.



    Using the servername the don't hit the vip they just go directly through the server.



    The other two are using the vip I created.



    Since we have not put this in production yet I am just putting an enrty in my local hosts file







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    It might be helpful to look at the page source to see where those objects are living on the server, and use a tool like fiddler to see what kind of response codes they are sending-are they throwing 404s, 401s, etc. Is it possible they are using an absolute path for the Silverlight objects' location in the site code?