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Aug 15, 2011

F5 - SOL10735: End of Software Development for BIG-IP version 9.x

Hi all,



we have couple of F5 LTM's that are currently running on either 9.0.5, 9.2.5 or 9.4.7 versions. As of March 31, 2011, F5 is no longer providing security updates, software fixes or consulting services for 9.x versions except 9.4.6-9.4.8which were extended till end of the year.



Next thing is that these F5s are BIG-IP 6400 (9.0.5, 9.2.5) and BIG-IP 1500 (9.4.7) platforms. 6400 platforms has also end of new software support 12/1/2011. We are also not sure if BIG-IPs 1500 are able to handle OS version 10.x.



What would be the best for us to do next?



Is it upgrading OS to version 10.x only or HW replacement as well?



And also what would be possible risks to keep HW/SW configuration as it is now?



Thank you


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  • That's a tough one lukas. The best source for a response would probably be your area sales rep, as they would have good information on migration strategies and the platform life cycle.



    From a high level, the 6400's should be alright for going into version 10.X (recommend newest current branch). The End of New Software support means that F5 wouldn't be testing new software on this platform after that date.



    End of software Dev is a little more concerning ( looks like 2012 for the 6400).





    The 1500's can handle 10, if they have at least 1 gig of ram. But there are plenty of limitations that need to be considered.



    In my opinion (insert long disclaimer here), I would work to get rid of the 1500 devices, use the 6400's as the upgrade path gear, all the while working with F5 to get new gear in.