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Jan 17, 2011

Extracting CSV data for SSL Statistics with pycontrol/suds

I'm trying to get the CSV data for the Performance SSL TPS graphs so we can determine which vips are using the most TPS but I can't figure out the syntax of the commands from the icontrol wiki. This is what I have so far:




b = pc.BIGIP(


hostname = '',


username = 'admin',


password = 'eclipse',


fromurl = True,


wsdls = ['System.Statistics'])




in PerformanceStatisticQuery[]


Query.object_name = "CPU0"


Query.start_time = 0


Query.end_time = 0


Query.interval = 0


Query.maximum_rows = 0);



This isn't working plus not sure where data will be placed, what it will be named or if I get to choose somehow? I'm a python novice so that may be part of the problem here.



George Thompson






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  • You need to send a dictionary. First, you'll want to get the object_name from get_performance_graph_list (the graph_name value), then supply like this:



    stats.get_performance_graph_csv_statistics(objects = [{'object_name': 'detailthroughput2', 'start_time': 0, 'end_time': 0, 'interval': 0, 'maximum_rows': 0}]



  • sorry the stats is a shortcut for the interface (stats = b.System.Statistics), full would be b.System.Statistics.get_performance_graph_csv_statistics()
  • @George: You can see an example of this very call in the TPS report script that I wrote a while back:





    Hopefully this helps. Also, please post back what you cook up to code share! If you run into any issues please post back and we'll help you out.



  • Addendum: Sorry, I missed something. In looking at what you're trying to accomplish, I think you may be better off with SNMP polling against the appropriate OIDs - the graph data will give you VIP-level SSL TPS ; instead, it's more system-level.