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Feb 08, 2012

Extra SNMP Alert triggered

I have a few custom alerts setup in user_alert.conf that execute a perl script with an argument when triggered.

Issue I'm having is that a "No members available for pool" alert is also triggering my "Node status Down" alert which is resulting in the alert being processed twice.

Here is the error in the ltm log:

Feb  5 09:09:08 tmm err tmm[5905]: 01010028:3: No members available for pool /Common/test_pool

Here are the 2 custom alerts that both seem to be triggered:

alert CUSTOM_GENERAL_POOL_NO_MEMBER "No members available for pool (.*?)" {
        exec command="/root/ general"


alert CUSTOM_ERROR_POOL_MEMBER_STATUS_NODEDOWN "Pool (.*?) member (.*?) monitor status node down\." {
exec command="/root/ nodeDown"


I'm unable to figure out why the Node Down alert is also being triggered by that error. Any ideas?

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  • have you tried to restart alertd (bigstart restart alertd)?
  • I've restarted alertd several times and I'm still seeing the same issue
  • i have no idea yet.



    by the way, if you test by using logger command, both perl scripts are triggered right away, aren't they?



    sol11127: Testing SNMP traps on BIG-IP (9.4.x - 11.x)

  • That's the funny thing, if I test using the logger command everything works exactly as it should. It's when a new pool is added without members or members are removed from an existing pool in the GUI that I'm able to reproduce the issue.