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Jun 10, 2015

Exchange iApp | autodiscover not working



I am using iApp f5.microsoft_exchange_2010_2013_cas.v1.5.0 I created two VIPs : One Internal, One External.


The Internal is working perfectly. The External is having issues with the autodiscover services. I am able to have DNS resolution to the VIP but I am not getting the XML autodiscover information.


Please advise


Thank you




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  • What does the Autodiscover test fail on? Are you using SRV records or just a host record for


  • Hi Chase!


    Just a host record. We have a live environment in a different type of load balancers (we are taking out) and testing in the F5's LTMs.


    This is the only thing is not working.




  • Hello Chase!


    Thank you for the explanation. Super!


    Internal and External are working.


    But I just notice that the Mail Tips are Not. : Outlook will display We can't show MailTips right now.


    This is happening on Internal and External :-(


    Any ideas?


    Thank you