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Mar 16, 2012

Exchange Forms-Based SSO doesn't work in APM+LTM mode

Trying to load-balance Exchange and F5 Support says that I need to remove the "Full Resource Assign" from my VPE to put the VIP into APM+LTM mode to utilize the pool. When I do this, my SSO no longer works and I get prompted for the F5 portal and whe Outlook Web App login.



I'm running verison 11.1 HF2. and have two CAS servers in a pool. Anyone able to get OWA load balanced with an SSO?




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    hi Todd, which version of Exchange do you have? Have you followed the instructions in our deployment guide? It has detailed guidance for setting up OWA with APM:


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    Apologies, here's the correct link for that guide:
  • Hi Mike, Yes I followed that guide in its entirety the first time I tried to setup load balancing for our Exchange 2010 servers. The deployment didn't work so I called support and we abandoned the iApp and just used the Portal Wizard. After some tweaks to the SSO and CAS server we got everything working using FBA. Support stated that I was in Full APM mode, and can only utilize a pool in APM+LTM mode. The way to accomplish this was to remove the Full Resource Assign from the VPE. When I do that, the SSO breaks and I get prompted for login on the Portal page and OWA page.