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Jun 23, 2011

Exchange 2010 SMTP Virtual Server Forward to smarthost




I'm new to this forum and also new to the wonderful World of F5 - so please go easy on me should I ask anything stupidily obvious! ;)



The reason I'm posting is to see if anyone has an idea how I can forward smtp traffic to a smarthost (say I've setup a virtual server listening on port 25 and also set a pool up that includes the servers I want to be able to send/receive smtp traffic...i've also set the send connector on those servers to point at the VIP...but how can I get the VIP, which is listening on Port 25, to send the smtp traffic on to The reason I want to set this up is so I can install one SSL certificate on the VIP that can be used for all the exchange boxes etc...



Any help would be appreciated as I'm no F5 guru to say the i'm not too bad with though! ;)







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