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Jul 26, 2011

Exchange 2010 Federation DNS Record

Hi I'm setting up Federation for Exchange 2010 and it requires creating a TXT record in DNS. Zonerunner is giving me an error though that the record contains bad characters, and I suspect it's the plus signs (+).



Here is the output from Exchange that I need to enter into the TXT field:





Also, here is the article on creating the record. Does anyone know how I can get this record created in ZoneRunner?





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    I'm able to create that TXT record by putting the text in double quotes, as noted in the GUI help:



    "Specifies, for TXT records, a list of one or more text strings. You can use TXT records to specify any information you want; a common use is to specify a host machine's location. Each text string must be enclosed in double quotation (") marks, and can be no longer that 256 characters."



    If I don't, I get the bad characters error message. Are you able to add it using quotes?