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Apr 28, 2011

Exceeding backup windows? Learn how to reclaim valuable primary disk capacity!

Register today to attend one of the monthly F5 ARX Demos- 12:00 PM Eastern on everythird Tuesday of the month. Next Session May 17th.


Register Here!



This session will include a F5 ARX product overview and demo conducted by a technical expert with hands-on experience. The goal is to provide a solid overview of how companies around the world are using ARX intelligent file virtualization and address the cost and management challenges created by rapid data growth.



You'll learn how F5 ARX reduces the complexity and cost of data management, allowing you to:



• Cut migration times by up to 90%


• Shrink backup times and costs by up to 80%


• Reclaim valuable primary disk capacity


• Automate data management tasks and free up IT resources


• Eliminate disruptive, costly downtime



Do you have Dell Storage solutions deployed today such as Dell PowerVault or EqualLogic? You'll want to check out these articles to see how F5 ARX has been tested & validated in these environments.



Application Ready Guide -Dell Network Attached Storage



Deployment Guides:



Dell NX3000 (F5 ARX series)


Dell NX1950 and MD3000 Storage Array (F5 ARX Series)


Dell NX1950 and EqualLogic PS5000 Storage Array (F5 ARX Series)




Dell Power Solution Article "Simplify Data Management & Mobility with Dell Storage & F5 ARX File Virtualization"


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